About us

Born in the late 70's to meet the economic growth of northern Italy, was born the individual firm IMI . Specialists in the maintenance of ILVA steelworks And TEKSID , and technological plant of Fiat, the company IMI grows and begins its expansion to Europe ' .

The ' evolution and the tenacity of staff led to the creation of a new srl , which soon conquer new economic realities , specializing in the construction, installation and maintenance of power plants . In the 2000s to customer demand the most renowned in the field of industrial construction , we get from ' EWF , the certificate of ISO 3834 quality on welded structures .

The constancy in the pursuit of customer satisfaction, leads us quickly to become a reference point in the ' scope of the welds so as to create the ' EWI , private school for welding . The continuous and professional specializations in the field of welding such as: EWP , EWI , NDT inspections , port EBS LTD to acquire new contracts in Europe and Arab countries . View 's expansion E.B.S. he settled in Spain and opens branches in Romania and Italy in Sardinia and Torino .

Soon E.B.S. qualifies in various activities, obtaining quality certificates ISO 9001 and 14000 . Today, thanks to the quality of the work done , EBS Group increased its forces with the new joint venture , with renowned construction company and especially the reference to the European market ( Pilosio and bbs ) .